InFocus mobile phone provides good value for money and is one of the best pocket-friendly phones in the Indian market. Most of the InFocus phones are priced below Rs 10,000. If you are looking for an economical phone, with great features, then InFocus phone is right for you.

With it is even easier to select the right InFocus mobile phone that suits your need. You could find an InFocus phone with very basic functions to a high-end smartphone with the latest technology. Learn more about InFocus mobile phones compare prices and get the best deals only on


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Latest InFocus Mobiles in India

InFocus Mobiles Price listLaunch Date in IndiaPrice in India
InFocus Vision 3 ProApril 19, 2018 (Official) ₹10,999
InFocus Hero Play M1February 21, 2018 (Official) ₹719
InFocus A2February 1, 2018 (Official) ₹5,439
InFocus Turbo 5SNovember 29, 2017 (Official) ₹7,950
InFocus Vision 3December 20, 2017 (Official) ₹6,999
InFocus A3November 22, 2017 (Official) ₹7,499
InFocus Hero Selfie C2October 26, 2017 (Official) ₹1,399
InFocus Snap 4September 26, 2017 (Official) ₹11,999
InFocus Turbo 5 PlusSeptember 21, 2017 (Official) ₹8,999
InFocus A1sAugust 22, 2017 (Official) ₹5,200
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Why an InFocus Mobile Phone?

InFocus was founded in USA in the year 1986. As a leading innovator of display technologies, InFocus offers great features with better prices as compared to many other brands in the market. InFocus mobile phones are manufactured by Foxconn, which is also the manufacturer of Apple's iPhones.

Latest InFocus Smartphones

If you want an InFocus smartphone then you could choose from the latest Infocus Epic 1, InFocus M535 Plus, InFocus M812, InFocus M680, InFocus M370 and InFocus M530.

InFocus Phones with Basic Features

InFocus offer phones for all type of users. If you are looking for a phone with very basic features, you have these unbelievably economical options. InFocus F115 and InFocus F110 - both are priced below Rs 1000. And, to add more to the list you could choose from InFocus F120 or InFocus F135 or InFocus F130 which are priced slightly above Rs 1000.

InFocus Smartphones with the Best Performance

If you are particular about good performance, opt for an InFocus Octa core or a deca core phone. A phone with octa core offers great speed while multitasking as compared to a quad core phone. A phone with octa core processor would seamlessly perform two to three tasks at a time. If you use your phone for playing games and use many apps, then choosing an octa core or deca core would be very useful for you.
InFocus Octa Core Phones: There is a range of InFocus phones with octa core processor. You could choose from InFocus M680, InFocus M808, InFocus M535 Plus, InFocus M50 Plus, InFocus M530 and InFocus M550 3D.
InFocus Deca Core Phone: InFocus offers InFocus Epic 1 with a deca core processor and paired with a 3GB RAM. The 10 core processor helps to handle different workloads efficiently and also has extended battery life. Epic 1 is the best rated deca core phones in India. Not only this, but Epic 1 has a whole host of other features as well. The phone has a full metal body, front and rear camera that works well on low light and a spectacular 5.5" display. Epic 1 is the phone for gamers as the touch panel is very smooth to use.
InFocus Quad Core Phones: If you are not a big fan of games or multitasking features, then there are a range of InFocus phones with a quad core processor. You could choose from InFocus A1, InFocus Turbo 5, InFocus Bingo 10, InFocus Bingo 50, Bingo 20, InFocus M425, M370, M260 or M812. There are many more phones to choose from.
InFocus Smartphones Under Rs 5,000: You can find the many InFocus smartphones that are priced below Rs 5,000 with incredible features. You have InFocus M260 with 4.5 inch display and 8GB storage and InFocus M2 4G with 4.2 inch display.
There are so many InFocus phones in the market and it is difficult to choose the right one! That's the reason why you should choose to explore the features, compare the prices and select the best one. And, before buying a phone read our unbiased reviews, from the critics as well as the users.